Chris Hubbard and Family at an Annual Fundraiser for Animal Shelters
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Chris Hubbard will bridge the professional gap that exists on the Alexandria City Council, to build a healthier, pedestrian-friendly (sustainable, transit oriented, environmentally friendly) lifestyle. Learn More

Chris Hubbard’s resume is different. As a decades-long small-business owner, a family man, a professional architect and planner, and an expert on healthy living, he is in a prime position to support our unique Alexandrian community with:

Being Pedestrian-Friendly (Sustainable, Transit oriented and environmentally friendly)

  1. Living a Healthier Lifestyle
  2. Having a Schools-First Mentality
  3. Offering Affordable Housing

Chris will accomplish these goals by relying on creativity and ingenuity to solve problems, and on four critical areas of expertise: 

Chris Hubbard for Alexandria City Council.
  1. An award-winning professional architect and planner. With three decades of experience in “pedestrian-friendly” architecture and planning, Chris has established a connection between architecture and planning, and healthier living. This branch of architecture supports critical areas of concern in Alexandria: reducing traffic congestion; reducing air, water and noise pollution; increasing social connectedness for quality of life; and developing affordable housing.
  2. A father of 3 school-age daughters. With girls ages 8, 11 and 13 who have attended Alexandria City Public Schools, Chris Hubbard has real-time knowledge of the successes and short-comings of the school system.
  3. A small business owner for 27 years. From meeting payroll, to balancing strict budgets and keeping up with stakeholder demands, Chris has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by Alexandrian small business owners, and City Council members.
  4. Studying Complementary and Alternative Medicine for over 30 years with a Masters degree from Georgetown University Medical Center. He looks at the connections between architecture and planning and health. He would also make decisions from this perspective.

Chris believes in bringing the neighborhoods of Alexandria together. Learn More

Chris Hubbard for Alexandria City Council