Chris Hubbard, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, CNU-A
Chris Hubbard for a Healthier, Pedestrian-Friendly Alexandria

With a professional background in architecture and planning that is unique to the Alexandria City Council race, Chris Hubbard makes fair, evidence-based decisions from a professional perspective grounded in science, ethical, industry, health, safety and welfare best practices.

Industry Leader

Chris is a leader in his industry. He specializes in “pedestrian-centered” (Sustainable, transit oriented and environmentally friendly) architecture and planning—a line of work he began practicing long before it was globally recognized. An Alexandria resident of 14 years, he is particularly interested in the development of walkable, rich, dynamic street scenes and mixed-use settings, befitting this unique community. As a small business owner, Chris is adamant about relying on creativity and ingenuity to solve problems, before asking Alexandria residents for additional tax revenue.

Healthy Lifestyles

With a background in complementary and alternative evidence-based medicine, Chris is uniquely qualified to make decisions promoting a healthier Alexandrian lifestyle. The same kind of healthier lifestyle that comes along with pedestrian-friendly communities. He believes in bringing the neighborhoods of Alexandria together for a social connectedness that results in quality of life. A key component to this is to reduce vehicle trips per day in Alexandria which produce air, water and noise pollution which is a health risk.

Family Time

Chris lives in Old Town with his wife, Jackie, and daughters Marie, Leia and Kyra who have attended Alexandria City Public Schools, specifically Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy. Together, they enjoy walking and biking along the river, hiking in Shenandoah National Park and skiing. They also support King Street Cats, Animal Welfare League of Alexandria and the PTA.

Professional Items of Note

  • Chris has designed a variety of residential transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use settings, to promote healthier living.
  • Chris produced a televised 90-minute documentary on the shift from walkable neighborhoods to an automobile dependency, and how it reshaped the way we live in favor of a less healthy lifestyle. Learn more 
  • Chris has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry; a Master’s of Architecture from Virginia Tech; a Fellowship for Graduate study of Biochemistry from the Medical College of Virginia; and a Master’s of Science in evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Georgetown University Medical Center.
  • Chris is a licensed Architect; Congress for the New Urbanism Accredited (CNU-A)/Charter Member who was invited into this expert organization in the early 1990’s by Andres Duany (noted Town Planner). and engaged in 23 years of unique public service: The Congress for the New Urbanism is a think tank for generating ways to improve urban conditions, for example: With HUD they created the first mixed income affordable housing projects – HOPE VI,; They transformed the Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE)  who write standards for transportation to be not just about cars, but about walking, biking and transit as well; When people hear smart growth or visit new walkable (COMPLETE) mixed use neighborhoods (eat, sleep, live, work, play, learn, shop communities- uses people engage regularly) , the CNU made that possible as they broke down the zoning barriers to walkable mixed-use neighborhoods which were illegal in many municipalities throughout the US in the 1980’s. And Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP).
  • Chris co-produced an 18-video lecture series on the Techniques of Traditional Neighborhood Development for the ULI  and other lectures for the AIA, CNU and Universities. Learn more

Chris Hubbard for Alexandria City Council