Chris Hubbard’s Platform

Chris Hubbard for a Healthier, Pedestrian-Friendly Alexandria

Not only will Chris bridge the professional gap that exists on the Alexandria City Council, he will cultivate a healthier, pedestrian-friendly lifestyle by using his unique architectural-medical background to invoke the following advancements:

Being Pedestrian-Friendly

With three decades of experience in “pedestrian-friendly” (transit oriented and environmentally friendly) architecture, planning and development, Chris has a lot to offer the neighborhoods of Alexandria when it comes to addressing some of its unique issues, such as free visitor street parking in Old Town, particularly the east end, complete walkable mixed-use/income, sustainable neighborhoods in Landmark, Potomac Yards and the Eisenhower Valley, and schools in Potomac Yards and elsewhere. He will promote a healthier, pedestrian-friendly lifestyle by reducing car use; calming traffic including the WAZE assault on the safety of our streets, air, water and noise pollution; and safety hazards, while encouraging other of modes transportation such as transit, bike riding, walking and boating. Walkable, mixed use/income planning on Brown or grayfield transit orienetd sites contributes toward a healthy environment. He will contribute towards economic sustainability through tax revenues from new complete - executed correctly -walkable, mixed use/income neighborhoods in Landmark, Potomac Yard and Eisenhower Valley with proper compensation to the City for development burdens in Transportation, schools, playing fields and affordable housing. In addition, the proper, business run, management of retail in Alexandria will help the City's tax revenue.

Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Chris will promote a pedestrian-friendly (transit oriented, mitigation and calming of traffic, environmentally friendly), street scene to enhance social connectedness and a healthier lifestyle. Reductions car trips per day through development of alternate modes of transportation (walking, Biking and Transit) will reduce air, water and noise pollution and improve health per studies, in the City. Increasing the tree canopy as it is below the national and state averages for communities.Trees are very important for health, related to healthful biochemicals they give off, to: filtering car Pollutants, oxygenation, shade, reducing runoff, reduction of stress from viewing them, cooling effects and healthful negative ions they give off. Having a more walkable and green (trees) city is associated with better health for its residents. Establishing a satellite City office (possibly as part of a walkable, mixed use, mixed income Landmark redevelopment) in the west end and connecting it to the east/metro will bring people together. Encouraging grocery store educational and incentive partnerships will support healthier lifestyles in lower-income communities. Studies show integrated income affordable housing brings positive outcomes to children in Health, Education, Future Income and Socially, as opposed to segregated income affordable housing which is what Alexandria keeps investing in.

Having a Schools-First Mentality

With his kids enrolled in the Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) spanning 8 years , Chris is committed to improving schools. With years of institutional knowledge of the school system, he will multiply successes and divide short comings in ACPS. To gain in economy and efficiencies, he will endorse full funding, safety upgrades, prompt maintenance and renovations and teacher appreciation and pay. Healthier school lunches with less processed foods and more fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein can help kids concentrate better. Integrated Income Affordable Housing is a necessary and critical pathway for improving Alexandria Schools, as good, recent research (see affordable housing on right) shows that it comes with better outcomes for children including: education, health, future income and social compared with segregated income affordable housing which is what Alexandria has and refuses to change.

Offering Affordable Housing

Chris believes that people who work in the community - particularly first responders and teachers - should be able to live in the community. That’s why he will cultivate market-rate (non-publicly funded - no increase in spending) affordable, integrated income housing: in efficiently designed smaller or micro units, internet matching of private rooms and suites, Protect natural affordable housing - older garden apts. 99 year lease for municipal land for developer efficient units, etc.... Integrated income affordable housing offers positive role models for children, especially those who value education and use it as a pathway for success. Good studies show it improves outcomes for children in terms of education, health, future income and social.

Chris Hubbard for Alexandria City Council