Chris’ firm employee (Project Manager) Testimonial

April 12, 2018

Re:          James Chris Hubbard

I have worked for WHA Architecture and Planning, P.C. under Chris Hubbard for the past the past thirteen years.  Chris is an award winning architect who truly believes that by focusing on every detail the whole is made cohesive.  Chris is very innovative and creative in finding resolutions that are not easily perceived by others.

Chris’ passion to find the best resolution for all parties involved in any situation drives him to expect excellence in himself and to seek the best from others.  Chris pushes those he associates with hard but is fair in his expectations.  Chris enables others to achieve their best and then encourages them to go beyond their prior limits.

Whenever faced with a ‘problem’ or ‘issue’ Chris likes to say that these are ‘only challenges to overcome’.  Chris looks at every ‘challenge’ from every possible angle frequently finding resolutions when others see nothing.  Chris will work tirelessly to ensure the best outcome for all stake holders in any circumstance.  Chris is very good at taking and analyzing input from all available sources and then working to reach the best sound reasoned consensus.

I believe that Chris will give any endeavor he is engaged in his full and best effort and will apply his strong analytical ability to addressing any ‘challenges’ that are brought to him.

Bruce H. Keith, Senior Project Manager
WHA Architecture and Planning, P.C.
1408 N Fillmore Street, Suite 9
Arlington, VA 22201