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Why Chris Hubbard?

Chris Hubbard for a Healthier, Pedestrian-Friendly Alexandria

Chris Hubbard is a concerned Alexandrian citizen.

“I have noticed over 14 years in my Old Town neighborhood (and other neighborhoods) of Alexandria, the policies from City Council contradict the town’s pedestrian-friendly character,” he explains. “The policies don’t adhere to common industry standards, or even to current research.”

Free-Visitor Street Parking Dilemma

“For starters, free visitor street parking in dense residential areas near commercial corridors is well-studied for both its problems and solutions,” Chris says. “Not only does it attract cars , fill street parking spaces and increase traffic congestion while cars cruise for parking spaces, there is more air, water and noise pollution, and pedestrian safety hazards. Parking enforcement alone cannot solve this problem.”

Chris suggests a two-pronged approach, similar to Arlington’s 20-year history of eliminating free visitor street parking—a move that has relieved its residents and visitors of hazards, pollution and congestion.

The Professional Gap

Chris believes these policies reflect a gap between being a layman City Council representative with admirable goals, and a professional whose role it is to make planning decisions that affect a community and its day-to-day style of living. There is an expertise gap, as a former City Council member confirmed, and it can have lasting consequences for the residents of Alexandria. Chris’s expertise as a professional architect and planner would bridge that expertise/professional gap, so the City of Alexandria will reduce contradictory policies. The candidates have similar goals but Chris has the expertise and experience to actualize these goals in a correct and efficient way. For example, to make sure that Landmark and Potomac Yards get developed right as complete, walkable , mixed use/income neighborhoods, the first time, so that taxes won’t be raised later because of  missing elements, or make sure Alexandria gets proper compensation from developers for burdens on schools, transportation, playing fields, affordable, mixed income housing, so taxes won’t be raised later because of inadequate compensation.

A book was written on “the death of expertise” recently – because of Google, people think they are experts because they can look up things on Google, Candidates and Councilors throw around planning terms like they are experts on the subject, but they are NOT experts -Google does not replace the  education, continuing education, research in the CNU think tank for urban issues and successful experience for over 27 years in walkable, mixed-use, transit oriented  neighborhood development and planning, that I have. The pretend experts on the City Council have, are and will hold Alexandria back from the rich walkable, mixed-use promise of Old Town and Del Ray, by settling for less – settling for the developer’s blue plate special development !


Chris Hubbard for Alexandria City Council